Women Seeking Men: How to Find the Man of Your Dreams with Anahata

women seeking men

Did you know that for all women seeking men it's not easy to find and attract the man of your dreams?

It’s not an easy question to answer.

I mean, you probably know other women that attract handsome men without any big effort from their side, and they’re not models, just an average chick.

Many women have said, “It’s easy to find men. They’re everywhere, even in dating sites.”

If only it were that easy…

If you’re serious as a woman seeking a man, you need to have a plan on how to get the one that you’re looking for; the one that matches the ideal profile that you have in mind.

Otherwise, you will find yourself on the same-old dates and same old patterns that lead you here in the first place. Does that way work? NO!

With that being said, today I want to walkthrough a really special technique that almost guarantees that you will get the man of your dream.

Keep reading to discover…

The 3 Phases to Using “The Anahata Technique” To Find the Man of Your Dreams

First of all, we need to be aware of who the ‘man of your dreams’ is.

Phase #1 – Your Attitude (Internal & External)

This is the most important step of the entire technique. If is not done correctly, the technique will not work.


Simple, because you will attract the exact same person that you are. If you’re a person that is depressed or pessimistic you will attract men in the same quality of energy.

This is an imperative lesson for all women seeking men.

What I’m saying here has never been talked about, but this is crucial!

It is the #1 thing that defines the type of men that will be attracted to you.

It’s not a question of how beautiful you are, social class, how much money you make, or how intelligent you are.

This is major mistake many women seeking men have. Listen to this:

Similar attracts similar.

So, what you can do?

You must work on both levels: exterior and interior.

For all women seeking men, prior to being able to influence the exterior level of your life, you must start with the interior first.

So your first step is to make a list of all the negative attitudes or emotions that you have.

Step #1 – List of issues

Start off by making a small list.

Now, it does not need to be a list of 10 or 20, simply 5 issues that you can identify. Once you have that list, the next step is to be aware when those moments or issues arise.

No matter what the situation, you need to be alert and aware every time those emotions occur.

Any women seeking men who are facing resistances are most likely due to the lack of inner awareness and alertness. Why?

When you are aware that you’re not those emotions… all those issues begin to lose power within you.

Of course, that this is not something that can be achieved on just 48 hours, but in the long term you’ll see and feel the difference.

Your life is a reflection, like a mirror, of the emotions and truth that you feel inside.

Now, I know that you may be thinking that you just want to seek a man and how does this really make a difference?

Well, are you happy right now with your situation?

All women seeking men right now reading this article are doing so for a reason. Be honest with yourself. if you continue doing the same thing and behaving in the same way, you’ll always have the same exact results.

If you want different results, you have to do different things, right? It’s simple!

And believe it or not, this will make a huge difference on the final result.

I’m not saying that you must be a master of emotions but at least make sure that you can work with those issues that may not help you at all or makes you vibrate with low energy.

We are all vibrational beings and you will not be a vibrational match to the men you seek by acting in such ways. In this, you begin to accept and love yourself more.

This is another MASSIVE lesson for all women seeking men.

The truth is, if you can’t love yourself, who is going to love you in an honest way?

That is the first thing that you have to do.

Step #2 – Love yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s really important that you love yourself.

If not, then no one will and you’ll not be able to love someone else. To practice loving yourself, dedicate some time to be alone with yourself and doing things that you really enjoy.

For an example, drink a cup of coffee, read a book, go shopping, listen your favorite music or any other activity that makes you feel joyful.

It doesn’t need to be a special occasion, do it just because you deserve it.

Any women seeking men need to value themselves and love themselves first.

If you enjoy your company, the man of your dreams will enjoy it too.

Think about this: if you are not whole yourself, you will only attract pieces of someone else.

Another major lesson for all women seeking men, remember to not brag about yourself.

Be genuine, be authentic and be the best version of you!

If you are not being wholesome with yourself, the relationships that follow will not be wholesome or genuine either.

Everything begins within you and if you fix the interior issues and love yourself, you will attract the best version of the man of your dreams. It can take time, but it will worth your efforts.

Phase #2 For Women Seeking Men – What am I looking for in the man of my dreams?

Once you have already worked on your interior self, it’s time to define exactly what are you looking for in your ideal man.

By doing so, you will be able to recognize more clearly as who is worth your time and energy and who is not.

If you don’t know exactly what are you looking for, then an external factor will decide who you are going to be - and we don’t want that, right?

We are looking for a man that loves you!

We have 3 steps that we recommend to follow:

Step #1 - Defining your dream man: qualities and attitude

It’s not a question of looking for perfection, because nobody is.

For women seeking men based on the ideas of perfection, you are living through a false premise that is holding you back.

So how do you start?

Well, it’s important to consider what type of relationship you wish to have.

Ask yourself questions like: what type of relationship you would like to have.

Do you want to have a relationship with 24/7 support or do you prefer time to do your things and hang out occasionally?

This is a decisive factor for all women seeking men.

By determining the type of relationship, you are seeking, you grow clearer and closer to the man of your dreams.

It’s important in seeking a man that he is in direct alignment with your interests or hobbies – otherwise, you might get a bit bored!

Ask men questions and learn about their hobbies and interests.

In this you will learn more about their personality, which leads me to the personality factor.

What type of guy would you like to be with?

A man who can understand your emotions and problems or maybe someone that makes you laugh and shows life in a different way?

It’s important to take the personality in consideration and as a key factor.

Not to mention about how social the person is! If you are a social butterfly, how does it mesh with you?

Could he hang out with your friends or even your family, his religion belief, family values?

For all women seeking men, as you can see, you must get extremely clear in all aspects.

I know it’s a lot of things to consider and you may prefer to just go according to your heart voice, which is also a really good option, but, what I am proposing is that if you want a successful relationship, it’s important to consider all of the elements of a man.

Step #2 - Be prepared to be flexible.

We have already spoken that you should define exactly what are you looking for and to think about the qualities of the man that you are looking for.

Nevertheless, it may happen that you find your perfect man and he still may not fulfill 2 or 3 things of the 10 that you want to find in him.

Therefore, you need to flexible and prepared.

If the Universe gifted you a man that meets any of your desires, you should be grateful.

It’s important to be flexible because we need to remember that nobody is perfect.

If the positive things are greater than the negatives, what is the problem? Balance is the key!

Step #3 - Best places to seek men

Now that you know exactly what are you looking for, it’s time to learn where women seek men.

Insure that during this process, you are not looking in any places that are not in alignment with your dream man.

Ask yourself, where would the man of your dreams that you depicted hang out?

You need to be receptive and open about the places where you can look for them.

In some cases, you could ask your friends and maybe get a surprise when you realize that one of your friends may know a man.

Also, if your friends ask you to go out – say yes!

Enjoy the company of your friends and let the magic happen!

Another option is to hang out in places where you can register in a community doing one of your hobbies.

Let’s say that you like to play an instrument, do yoga, meditation, or running.

Join to that community and you might find him there!

And finally, try online!

Nowadays, more and more people sign up for online dating sites or apps to find men.

In fact, the majority of women seeking men are utilizing this route today. It has a lot of benefits – so don’t knock it before you try it!

I mean, you can prospect guys before meeting in person so you know what to expect if you decide have a date.

Phase #3 – Find The Man of Your Dreams

We have finished 2 important phases so far and if you practiced accordingly, it’s probable that you have found a couple good candidates for the man of your dreams.

And of course, to finish this up, we are going to guide you on what follows.

Step #1 - Be your best version

One of the best advices that we can give you when it comes to the next step is genuinely be the best version of you.

For all women seeking men, there are hundreds of thousands of men doing the same exact exercise that you are.

By being the best version of you, you will attract the man doing the same exact thing.

In that, you will find yourself on endless dates and happiness with a man that is genuine and authentic with you.

Step #2 - Always make good impression

This is an important step that many women seeking men confuse – this is the time to focus on making a good and authentic impression.

You don’t need to be a glamourous person but it’s important to have a clean and ordered outfit.

If you searching the market for your dream man, you need to take good care of your physical body.

Do you really think a man wants to be with a messy girl or unkempt girl?

Now where many women seeking men get this wrong is where they end up going crazy and being unauthentic with selves by being someone that they are not.


You don’t need to exaggerate to make a good impression, just make sure that you’re doing your efforts to be natural.

Be kind, be nice and always remember your smile!

Step #3 - Don’t be attached, don’t smother, don’t be codependent.

No man wants to be smothered.


When you get attached to a man easily, you will begin to smother the relationship, which will lead to losing the love and magic and the man will run away.

If you followed the guide properly, these notions should have been focused on and removed in phase one, remember?

These are issues that prevent a successful and happy relationship.

Furthermore, it’s important to insure you don’t lose your individuality or your interests in the relationship.

In fact, a true relationship should enhance all areas of your life.

Love will allow you to grow as a person and not to bring you unhappiness or problems.

Freedom is always an important part of any good and healthy relationship.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope that you see the full potential of the FHW Method: a scalable way to seek and find hot woman.

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