Men Seeking Women - How To Find & Attract Beautiful Women with FHW Method

men seeking women

All men seeking women ask themselves the same question, “What’s the secret to attract beautiful women?”

It’s not an easy question to answer.

I am sure you know other guys that are able to attract and even seduce hot chicks naturally. In that, you ask yourself, how do they do it? Do they know some type of secret that you don’t?

Actually, yes, they do!

It happens behind the scenes. It’s something natural in them that they don’t even know what they did or how they do.

And today I’m going to show you one of my favorite methods to find and seduce hot women of all time: The FHW Method.

By the end of this article, if you are a man seeking women and having any resistances, you will rise above and begin attracting beautiful women into your life.

Men Seeking Women: Seducing Women with ‘The FHW Formula’.

Finding and attracting beautiful woman is the point of The FHW Formula.

FHW stands for: Finding Hot Woman.

Basically, it’s a technique to succeed in attracting and seducing them.

Instead of telling corny jokes and pick-up lines, you will be holding the hand of a beautiful woman, speaking their language, and leading a more confident and successful life.

The FHW Formula always works.

How Men Are Able to Seduce and Attract Women – For All Men Seeking Women

As someone that’s seen and experienced firsthand how to attract women, I can tell you that there’s a simple formula that works every time:

The Three Step Formula To Attract Beautiful Girls


My little formula is quite simple and easy to employ into your everyday life. Let me break it down for you a little bit.

men seeking women beautiful girls

Charisma is something that every female is instantly attracted to.

Charisma is all about your energy level and your personal charm.

In other words, how well do you speak to the ladies.

Are you nervous and tremble in fear at the sight of a beautiful girl?

Some men in the world believe that their corny jokes and pick-up lines are going to work in the 21st century – the reality is, the ways will not attract the beautiful girls that you are seeking.

You need to learn to speak their language.

This in turns translates into the second part of the formula, confidence!

Confidence is the courage, the inner-strength, the be determined and be the truth – unwavering.

Confidence is rising to the challenge with the knowing that you are stronger than the challenge.

Pair this all together with a handsome man, it leads straight to seduction.

To reach a level of handsomeness, take care of yourself!

This means, work-out, eat healthy, and be clean!

Match these three together and any men seeking women will see instant success.

How to Seduce Attractive Women Using the FHW Formula: 3 Simple Steps

The FHW Formula couldn’t be easier.

Step #1: Love Yourself

Step #2: Be Yourself

Step #3: Take Care Of Yourself

Step #1: Love Yourself

The first step towards understanding and utilizing the FHW Formula is to learn to love yourself first.

Now, I know that the majority of men seeking women right now probably think this idea is absurd – but it’s the truth.

In the majority of cases, a lack of confidence in oneself is directly correlated to a lack of love for oneself.

Through learning all of the amazing reasons why you love who you are, you become an unstoppable being.

Charisma is directly associated with being whole and being whole means loving oneself.

So, how do you do that?

Stop degrading and speaking negatively of yourself.

You are wasting so much energy and simply causing more pain and harm than anything conceivable.

Listen to how you to talk to yourself.

Look at yourself in the mirror, make eye-contact with yourself and have a conversation with yourself.

Tell yourself, “I love you for who you are.

You are charismatic, confident, attractive, and a humble being.”

From there, challenge yourself to do the mirror exercise once or twice a day and the magic of the formula will begin to unfold for you.

Step #2: Be Yourself

men seeking women be yourself

One of the major reasons why men are not finding any success is because they are not being authentic.

We live in a day and age where women desire authenticity.

Let me ask, do you really think beautiful women want to date a man who is not even being themselves?

Step one is directly associated with this step whereas through unconditionally loving yourself, you allow yourself to be yourself.

Don’t try to be a man that is charismatic or confident – if you are trying to be that image, you are not being yourself.

You have to create and TUNE INTO the charism and confidence that is within you already!

So, how do you begin being more of yourself?

Well, first and foremost, cut the stories, stop the lies and begin living a more truthful life.

Don’t force yourself to act a certain way, speak a certain way or do certain things because you think someone else is going to like it – that’s not who you are.

Who you are means that you understand how to act, how you speak and what things make you feel whole.

Trust me, ladies see this from a mile away.

Step #3: Take Care of Yourself

Ohhh, step number three is one of the most imperative steps for all men seeking women! It, inadvertently, incorporates step 1 and 2 whereas through loving yourself and being yourself, you will grow to only want to take care of yourself.

Rather than focusing on the images of what men in magazines look like – remove the image and create the image of what YOU want to look like.

Be genuine with yourself – take care of yourself!

Groom yourself, eat healthy, work-out and treat your temple, like a temple.

On another level, take time to read, do yoga, meditate and work on yourself – this is all about taking care of yourself.

I once heard that the hardest thing in the entire world is to work on yourself – if you can create a habit of taking care of yourself, not only will you feel it but the ENTIRE world will recognize it.

Attracting and seducing the beautiful girl is right across the street from the equal sign.

Oh, Before I Forget…

I hope that you see the full potential of the FHW Method: a scalable way to seek and find hot woman.

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